Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Galloway: Knockout on Capitol Hill

I have always enjoyed the British Parliamentary debates particularly for its ad-hoc, unpredicatable, rich and entertaining political performance compared with the often dull and mind-numbing lack of "real" dialogue in our Capitol Hill. For all those who share a similar sentiment you may find this interesting. A good friend of mine sent me this link today. And, here is how he introduced it:
If you get a chance to see the news tonight, look out for this news story. It might be worth watching. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4553601.stm George Galloway is an ex-member of Tony Blair’s Labour party who was recently kicked out of the party for constantly criticising Blair and Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war. He was also accused by some U.S. senators of receiving bribes from Saddam Hussein as part of the now discredited U.N. oil for food program. Today he's in front of some committee on Capitol Hill investigating that program. From what I’ve read here he seems to be giving as good as he gets and introducing a bit of robust, argumentative British parliamentary style debate into Capitol Hill. I look forward to seeing these exchanges on T.V. tonight.
Here is a link to another related article ("Galloway takes on US oil accusers") on the BBC website. Check out the video on the website of Galloway's Senate testimony, if you missed the news clips tonight.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

mindFrame PhotoCanvas Series: NW Magazine Covers (march 1938)

NW cover (march 1938)
Originally uploaded by nomadic lens.
This photocanvas is one of several in a new series I began working on last month. It began as vintage magazine covers, but some seem to have evolved into a more modern look.

The dates have significance, some related to the photographic content, some related to the place where the original photo was taken, and others just chronicle of events that that have taken place in the history of our planet.

NW signifies...
Well, it is open to viewer's imagination. Feel free to comment.