Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Beijing or Bust: Documentary Filmmaker detained by Chinese Authorities

Free Hao Wu 释放吴皓 You always hear about such stories on the news or read about it on internet blogs, but it's always different when you find out it's about someone you know. Global Voices stalwarts Rebecca MacKinnon and Ethan Zuckerman have launched a blog covering the story.
"On February 22, Chinese authorities detained filmmaker and blogger Hao Wu. He has not been charged with a crime."
I've never met Hao, but had he not been detained on February 22 by Chinese authorities, I may have very soon. Perhaps on his next visit to the US. We have a mutual friend who had told me loads about him and how our interests intersected in many avenues such as film, technology, culture, politics, and travelling to name a few. My girlfriend and I had a chance to watch Hao's debut documentary, Beijing or Bust, on a video copy my friend had lent me. Previously screened at the 6th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival (Fall 2005), it is a cinematic montage of interviews with US-born ethnic Chinese who now live in China’s capital Beijing -- a refreshing and enlightening journey into one of today's most rapidly transforming society. FREE HAO WU! Please join in appeal for Hao's release by calling attention to the situation.