Wednesday, July 25, 2007

GreenPower: Environmentally Responsible Storage

For several years, I have continued to struggle with the fact that I work in an industry which failed to address broader social concerns beyond data storage capacity (I work in the HDD industry). A couple of years back, I switched to WD (another HDD manufacturer) -- and yesterday, I saw that our company announced the release of a new hard disk drive with more capacity (of course! A whopping 2TB, in fact), but this one is different as it claims to reduce power consumption by almost 38%. While it may not change the world, it is refreshing to feel a part of some effort to help a broader cause -- a rare feeling while working in this highly-competitive, high technology, commodity manufacturing, corporate environment. You can read more about the WD GreenPower Hard Drives on PC World Blog or on the WD website.