Friday, August 25, 2006

what a beautiful concept...

synesthesia means "joined sensation" (Greek, syn = together + aisthesis = perception). It refers to an involuntary physical experience in which the stimulation of one sense modality reliably causes an additional perception in a different sense or senses. For example, a synesthete might describe the color, shape, and flavor of someone's voice, or seeing the color red, a synesthete might detect the "scent" of red as well.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Laura's SF Chronicle Letter to The Editor

Source: SF Gate online The real Coit Tower

Editor -- In response to the June 20 letter, "How to make Coit Tower real," I wanted to bring your readers attention to San Francisco City Guides, a nonprofit organization that leads free walking tours on the history, legends and lore of San Francisco. The letter-writer lamented the lack of educational opportunities at Coit Tower. Yet, every Saturday at 11 a.m., informative local volunteers do lead free walking tours of Coit Tower and share the stories behind the vibrant and controversial murals that depict scenes from the Great Depression.

For 28 years, San Francisco City Guides has been an integral part of the San Francisco landscape bringing equal voice and color to the historic landmarks and hidden treasures of San Francisco. As a sponsored program of the San Francisco Public Library, these tours are offered free of charge. I would encourage all of your readers to join us on a tour. They will not be disappointed. Information on San Francisco City Guides can be found at


City Guides director

San Francisco